Development of dry eyes disease in people with diabetes

Diabetic patients can relieve dry eye symptoms with effective treatments. Here you can learn more about dry eye disease, its symptoms, and treatment options.

Cataract Surgery and Dry Eye Disease Treatment

Cataract is a condition in which the natural lens in the eye loses its inherent transparency. Surgery is essential when Cataract develops and affects vision.

Autoimmune Diseases and Dry Eye Disease

Learn about treatments for dry eye symptoms when you are coping with autoimmune disease. Stay informed with The Eye Observer.

Glaucoma eye condition and Dry Eye Disease

Glaucoma is an eye condition common in older adults. Studies have found that about 40-60 percent of people with glaucoma also have dry eyes.

Is Dry Eye Common During Menopause?

Learn how to manage dry eye disease (DED) symptoms during menopause and tips to help you relieve DED symptoms with The Eye Observer.

Is Depression One Of The Causes Of Dry Eyes Disease?

Get to know the symptoms of dry eye disease (DED) and how to treat it effectively. Learn how depression can be one of the causes of dry eyes.

How Dry Eyes Caused by Sleep Disorders: Think you need to Know

Sleep disorders are a public health problem, affecting 10% - 30% of adults1 and 30% - 48% of the elderly2 worldwide, and may be one of the dry eye causes.

DED Symptoms Are More Common Post Covid-19

Learn about the dry eye disease symptoms to look out for during COVID-19 and tips to reduce the risk of DED affected by COVID-19.

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