Dry eye disease: How can artificial tears help you?

The Eye Observer provides expert advice and treatment for Dry Eye Disease with artificial tears. Learn how artificial tears can help DED symptoms.

Nutrition for Dry eye: What do you really know about Omegas?

Find out how Omegas can help treat Dry Eye Disease with The Eye Observer. You can manage Dry Eye Disease symptoms with Omegas.

Drug-induced dry eye: Knowing your medications

From antiacne medications to antihistamines, many drugs can contribute to the development of dry eye symptoms.

Dry eye disease: What does the doctor say?

Dry eye disease (DED) maybe more complicated than you think. Symptoms may differ from person to person, and the severity is not always the same.

Diagnostic tools for dry eye disease

Have you ever felt like you have something in your eyes? Itching or irritating sensation? Redness or blurry vision? How do doctors diagnose your eyes problem?

Things You Should Know About Contact Lenses To Prevent Infections And Dry Eye

The Eye Observer explores common eye problems and how contact lenses can help you see better. Get the best contact lenses for your eyes today!

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