Why people with diabetes are more prone to developing DED

Dry eye disease or keratoconjunctivitis sicca, is common in diabetic patients. Studies show that up to 54% of people with diabetes experience dry eye symptoms.

Cataract Surgery Can Induce Dry Eye Disease (DED)

Cataract surgery could trigger dry eye symptoms and worsen pre-existing DED. These side effects are mainly due to ocular damage and tear film instability.

Autoimmune Diseases and Dry Eye Disease

Autoimmune condition occurs when the immune system misidentifies specific body parts as foreign agents. These autoimmune disorders may lead to dry eye disease.

Glaucoma and Dry Eye Disease Often Coexist

Find out the causes and effects of Glaucoma and Dry Eye Disease. Here are some tips and how to effectively manage these conditions at The Eye Observer.

Is Dry Eye Common During Menopause?

With The Eye Observer, how to manage dry eye disease (DED) symptoms during menopause, and get tips on how to relieve dry eye symptoms during menopause.

Is Depression One of The Causes for Dry Eyes?

Learn about the symptoms of dry eye disease and how to treat it effectively. Depression can cause dry eyes, so find out how to treat it with The Eye Observer.

How Sleep Disorders May Cause Dry Eyes?

Sleep disorders are the most common cause of dry eyes. Find out the causes of eye problems and how to solve them with expert insight from The Eye Observer.

Dry Eye Disease Symptoms are More Common Post Covid-19

The Eye Observer explains the symptoms of dry eye disease to look out for during COVID-19. During COVID-19 DED treatments, it helps eyes be affected.

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